Surah Al - A'raf Verse 171 Up To 180

Translations Al - Qur'an

7:171. And remember, when we lift up the hill to the top of them as if the mountain auspices of the cloud and they are confident that the hill would fall on them. And We said to them: "Hold firmly to what We have given you, and always remember what amalkanlah in it that you may become righteous people."

7:172. And remember when your Lord issued descendants of the children of Adam from their loin and God took testimony against their souls as he said: "Am I not your Lord?" They replied: "Yes Thou our Lord, we become witnesses". We do that so that so that in the day ye should say: "We the children of Adam are the ones who missed the oneness of God is",

7:173. or lest you say: Surely we old people had ascribe God since before, when we are children descendants who came after them. So will You destroy us for the deeds of the people who go astray before? "

7:174. And thus do We explain the Verse-Verse, so that they return to the truth.

7:175. And recite to them the story of people who have We bestowed on him Verse-Verse Our knowledge of the contents of the Book, and then he let himself than Verse-Verse and he followed it until he was tempted by the devil, then she be among those who go astray.

7:176. And had We willed, We verily elevate its degree-Verse by Verse, but he tends to the world and indulge their desires are low, the parables, like a dog if you menghalaunya He held his tongue, and if you let him stretch out his tongue as well. Such is the likeness of those who belie Our Verse-Verse. Then tell them the stories that they think.

7:177. Evil parable of those who reject Our Verse-Verse and they themselves to their wrongs.

7:178. Those who were given instructions by God, then he is rightly guided, and whoever Allah misled, then they're the ones who lose.

7:179. And indeed We have created for Hell many of the content of the jinn and humans, they have a heart, but not employed the Verse-Verse understand God and they have eyes but see not employed the signs of God, and they have ears but not employed the Verse-Verse hear God. They are like cattle, nay even more astray. They are the ones who are neglectful.

7:180. Only God's most Beautiful, the bermohonlah Him by calling asmaaulhusna it and leave those who deviate from the truth in naming him. Later they will be rewarded for what they have done.

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